Professional Retail Offering

PRO took the crypto world by storm when it announced on January 11th 2017 on Bitcointalk that it would be launching its ICO just 7 days later. Since then the post has been read nearly 15,000 times, translated into 9 different languages, covered in multiple online articles, and received over 29 donations in the first few days of the ICO.

PRO is a blockchain project which will introduce the masses to cryptocurrency in a fun and engaging way. We aim to disrupt commerce as a whole with innovative applications for both businesses and consumers. These applications will disrupt multiple areas tied to commerce, from rewards and rebates, to business development, payment processing, and lastly the exchange of currency types.

PRO is cryptocurrency for the masses.

Our CEO and Founder Carlos Contreras has an idea that cryptocurrency is only as difficult as people make it. We at PRO believe this to be true and plan to stand behind it. We are looking to bring the masses to the crypto world using two phases of powerful applications with simple, clean user interfaces based on the Material Design UI for familiarity and ease of use. The first of these phases will aim to turn unsuspecting ecommerce consumers into consumers desiring to receive PRO Rewards incentives that are redeemable for ProCurrency, the first-ever crypto rebates platform. For businesses our first phase will focus on rewarding businesses for completing hand-crafted courses on cryptocurrency, helping them build a small base of PRO, encouraging them to continue building by accepting it as a form of payment later on.

“On one way you have the consumers who will have an incentive to use PRO since they can earn rebates as well use it in their daily shopping. But on the other hand business will likely step in and use the program to offer, a new kind of customers, a good deal on their (new) products. And thus Win Win for all parties involved. “

Our second phase will start by providing those businesses a system to process payments from consumers using PRO, further rewarding them for participating and incentivizing their continued involvement with cryptocurrency. The final step is our revolutionary currency exchange application which will enable the fluid changing of money from one currency to another.

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